Chrissy Teigen Put On A Sexy Leg Show Attempting Magic Tricks For Jimmy Kimmel

Chrissy Teigen is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Chrissy Teigen loves magic. Like REALLY loves magic. How did we not know this about her before?

Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote her upcoming show The Fab Life which starts this fall on ABC, Chrissy Teigen admitted that she loves magic so much that after two years of trying she just became a member of the Magic Castle, a fancy magicians club in Hollywood. That’s true magic nerd cred right there.

She then went on to attempt a couple of tricks and well, uh, I don’t think we’ll be seeing her headlining any shows in Vegas anytime soon.

Earlier Teigen talked about Oscar night and going to the Waffle House with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, but that was really nothing compared to her amazing magic trickery.