Former Disney Star Loses ‘Fifty Shades’ Bet, Has To Strip Down Into Ridiculously Hot Lingerie

You might know Christy Romano from The Disney Channel’s ‘Even Stevens’. I personally didn’t know her from that show because I’ve never watched an episode in my whole damn life, but a lot of people did, so I won’t fault you if you have…Even if it means you were watching Shia LaBeouf on The Disney Channel.

Well, it turns out she made a bet with her husband regarding the movie ‘Fifty Shades of Grey‘, claiming that there was no chance the movie would retain top box office honors two weeks in a row after America discovered how poorly it tackles the topic of sexual consent. Romano claimed the movie (and books) “blur consent by claiming it’s a grey area,” and it would be toppled at the box office after America saw the light.

Well, she was wrong and ‘Fifty Shades’ retained top box office honors for the second week in a row, forcing her outside in ridiculously hot lingerie, holding a sign reading ‘Consent’.

Now I could ship ahead in this video to about 1:25, where she heads outside in her sexy lingerie, but I’ll let you do that instead, because she has a lot of valid points to make in 85 seconds:

As a fellow citizen of New York City, HOLY SHIT LADY HOW ARE YOU ALIVE?! It’s been below zero out there with windchill, and you’re actually in danger of freezing your ass off….Like, that’s an actually possibility for your ass if you tried that again.

From US Weekly:

The 30-year-old actress made a bet with her husband of one year Brendan Rooney, in which the loser would be forced to spend 60 seconds in their underwear on the balcony of their Brooklyn, N.Y. apartment where temperatures are currently below freezing.

“I told [Brendan] how terrible it was and how I had major issues with the film, mostly the consent issue and I couldn’t wait to watch it fall off the next box office weekend. Then he laughed and told me he knew it was going to stink but that I shouldn’t get my hopes up because it was definitely going to win the box office this weekend,” Romano explains in the video.

“If he lost he would have to stand out on the freezing cold NY balcony for one full minute wearing only boxers. And if I lost I would stand out on the balcony in lingerie. … And this weekend is one of the coldest in NYC history. So behind me, if you can see, you can’t even see the skyline, the East River is frozen over and it is snowing outside. So ultimately in protest of this misogynistic and misguided film, I’m going to exercise my right of consent and stand outside,” she said before stepping out into the cold with her #Consent sign.

Soooo she wore the extremely sexy lingerie because she knows that we’ll all watch her video? Is that it? Because otherwise this doesn’t seem like a very even bet: If the guy loses he stands outside in boxers, an article of clothing he wears every day and aren’t significant in any way. If she loses she goes outside in stunningly gorgeous lingerie, and films it.

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