Chuck Norris Double Soils The Good Name Of Chuck Norris By Getting Tied Up And Robbed

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Chuck Norris Look Alike


There’s a guy in Brazil who looks like Chuck Norris but he’s giving the karate and acting legend a bad name. He’s doing things that would NEVER, EVER happen to the real Chuck Norris.

His name is Chuck Norbas and he’s a Chuck Norris impersonator from San Paolo. His real name is Norberto Tavares de Lira and he gets paid to portray Chuck in a Brazilian television series called Coisas que Porto Alegre Fala. That roughly translates to “Things Porto Alegre Speaks” or “Shit People in Porto Alegre Say.” Brazil is cray.

Anyway, Norbas was apprehended by a few bad hombres recently.

Norberto was cleaning the wheels on his vehicle when four men approached him and forced him inside his house. They tied his hands and feet with phone cord, then went upstairs.There they found his wife. They spotted some of Norberto’s paraphernalia for Chuck Norris.

“They asked if a police officer lived in the house,” Norberto said, “and my wife explained I was Chuck Norris’s double in Brazil. They calmed down a bit after that. Robbing Chuck’s house was a brave thing to do.”

The men made off with jewelry, watches, cash, and television sets.

I think this entire story is bullshit. Everyone knows Chuck Norris doesn’t need a double. He can be many places at once.

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