CM Punk Has A New Job And It Has Nothing To Do With Wrestling

Well this is out of left field. Not really, if you know more about CM Punk than just his move set and his love of hockey, but kind of surprising none the less.

Punk is a confessed comic book nerd so his new gig makes sense — he’ll be working for Marvel Comics to write the “Thor Annual #1″ story which is due out in February 2015.

Punk sat down for an interview at Marvel to announce the huge news. Here’s a quick excerpt of the piece in which Punk explains how professional wrestling prepared him for writing about the resident God of the Marvel Universe.

“You know, I think I’m more suited for it just because I’ve been reading comic books my entire life. Wearing tights in front of thousands of people and kind of, almost play-acting, I think down the road, it might give me some sort of insight depending on what kind of characters I’m writing and what the story is, but I’m not really sure it prepared me so much for being able to script a comic book.

I’m definitely prepared to fall flat on my face, I think. If anything, [wrestling] got me used to understanding that failure is part of a process, and the only real failure is if you don’t try. Like I could be nervous and bite my fingernails, worried that I think my book is gonna be a piece of crap, but I could be not doing it, and that would be the true failure.”

As far as I can remember, Punk is the first professional wrestler to pen a comic book not about professional wrestling. I’m sure if I’m wrong, I’ll be told as much in the comments.

To read the entire interview, click here.

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