These Are The Best Bro Moments Between ‘Community”s Troy & Abed

Other than watching Alison Brie’s Annie Edison making short, exasperated orgasm noises while her boobs bounce and Gllian Jacobs’ Britta Perry getting lustily frustrated, Troy and Abed’s shenanigans on Community were top-notch like Johnnie Walker scotch.

These two close bros had many a misadventure at Greendale and often broke up some overly dramatic crap that dragged the show down at times. Troy Barnes and Abed Nadir weren’t Ebony & Ivory… more like Ebony & Mocha. Abed, who’s played by Danny Pudi, typically goes by Batman, The Inspector, or Brown Jamie Lee Curtis, and is like a robot. Troy, played by Don Glover aka Donglover, is also known as T-Bone, Butt Soup, and The Disco Spider. He’s emo. Fire and ice. Hijinks ensue.

Kinda hard to believe these two dudes weren’t supposed to be best buds, but that was the plan when the show first started. The show’s creator, Dan Harmon, wanted Troy to be brohams with Pierce Hawthorne, the incredibly inappropriate curmudgeon played by Chevy Chase, in a Beavis and Butt-head dynamic. Not sure I really see that, mostly because Beavis & Butt-head were two heinous-looking, hard metal-loving teens from Texas, while Troy’s a black youth and Pierce is the 1%.

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Slightly more understandable was the plan to have Jeff Winger (Joel McHale) and Abed modeled after the dynamic of Van Wilder and Taj. Am I the only one who saw Van Wilder 2: The Rise of Taj? I’m a sucker for sexually suggestive movie posters and trailers. Not my fault. I’m just following orders so I don’t get fined by my balls.


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