Conan O’Brien Cosplaying With The ‘Mad Max’ Flaming Guitar Is An Absolute Must-See

Conan O’Brien, Andy Richter and the kids are headed to Comic-Con and rather than take a chance on their flight being grounded like many were yesterday they decided to go full Mad Max and drive to San Diego using Mad Max: Fury Road’s Doof Wagon!

But they didn’t stop there. Oh no. They also dressed up as the characters and Conan even rocked the Doff Warrior’s killer flaming guitar.

All was going swimmingly too on Fury Road until, well, the guys got lost.

“The guitar’s so loud I can’t hear the GPS,” whined Richter dressed as Immortan Joe, once again stealing the scene.

“I’m sorry, sometimes I get carried away,” deadpanned Conan.