Last Night ‘Conan’ Replayed Hilarious Old TV Clips Of David Bowie And This Is How You Should Remember The Man

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Over the years David Bowie became a somewhat regular fixture on Conan O’Brien’s late night show. With news of David Bowie’s tragic losing battle coming to a head at the age of 69 Conan decided to open his show by sharing old clips of the coolest rock star to ever come out of Britain. This is a look back at how funny David Bowie was and not a tribute of his music, it’s a refreshing take on the posthumous coverage of Bowie, one that I haven’t seen elsewhere.

I’m not gonna lie bros, the news of David Bowie’s death hit me hard Sunday night/Monday morning. I’ve never been this sad/felt this strongly about the death of a musician or celebrity. For my money David Bowie was the coolest mother fucker to ever make music. Everything he did was cool and he didn’t have to try. He woke up and got out of bed just like you or me, put his pants on one leg at a time, and then made some of the greatest music the world has ever known.

If you were to listen to his catalog of music in a bubble it’d be just as impressive when listened to from the end to the beginning as it would be going from the beginning to the end. His sound was never an attempt to keep up with his peers during the British Invasion or anything like that, he just did his own thing, and he was cool as fuck while doing it.

And now that I’m done with the Conan clips I’ll be over here listening to this on repeat all day again:

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