‘The Daily Show’ Hilariously Mocks the Weirdest Political Ad Ever

Yesterday, Mitch McConnell’s Senate campaign released an ad devoid of any content. I’m not being a dick. It literally was designed without any content, including political messaging or catchphrases or anything. There wasn’t even a “Barack Obama is bad!” quote.

The ad is just two and a half minutes of McConnell staring at the camera, or gesturing at an audience, with upbeat music playing in the background, and after it was roundly mocked by political reporters yesterday—with many comparing it to the Full House opener—the Daily Show had fun placing new tunes over the clips of McConnell delivering that weird, turtle-y half-smile. They called it #mcconnelling (you can play at home!), and, now, the image of the Senate minority leader staring at me with Sir Mixalot’s “Baby Got Back” playing softly behind him is permanently ingrained in my brain.