This Smart AF Artist Body Paints Hot Models, Uses Their Nipples As Paintbrushes, Crushes The Art Game

daniel gill paints nipples breasts art

This smart af artist, Daniel Gill, creates boobiful paintings by coating the bodies of female models in all kinds of wonderful colors then has them press their chest on to canvas, using their nipples as a paintbrush. He calls it, “Nipples of Venus”.

“Gill said, ‘I get very good reactions – most people think it’s a wonderful idea… There are weird reactions, too – one time, I was walking down the street next to my studio when I heard someone yelling ‘hey boob guy! Hey, weirdo, hey, you paint women’s boobs!'”

Thanks, Captain Obvious! That guy is the weirdo for throwing shade like a blind third grader. Is using nipples as paintbrushes weirder than this kinky lingerie company that photoshopped the nipples off its models? Weirder than topless female models pasting male nipples over theirs? Hopefully, Gill kept anything with gills away from his arousing instruments.

“There can be awkward moments if I haven’t met the model before, but once the initial explanation of the process and a run-through is over most people just slip right into the process and have a great time,’ said Daniel.”

I’m sure that’s not the only slipping in that’s going on. Get ’em, Gill. Get ‘eeeeeeem.

Next up for Gill has to be celebrity nipple paintings. He can start with those who’ve already joined the free-the-nipple movement like Ciara and Arianny Celeste.

Daniel sells the prints on canvas, as well as on pillows and phone cases. Sweater pillows ON pillows? What kind of Inception is this? I wonder if placing a human antenna on a phone will get me more bars. I drop more calls than Philadelphia Eagles receivers.

Via NY Post, Daily Mail