Dave Grohl Dedicates ‘My Hero’ To Naked Man In Glastonbury Crowd

by 2 years ago

The Foo Fighters rocked the huge crowd at Glastonbury on Saturday night as they performed in the headline slot. The band made several dedications throughout their earth-rocking performance including to one naked man in the crowd and one special Foo Fighters fan that was not able to attend the festival.

Grohl spotted a naked dude in the crowd and said, “It’s starting to get good! I see a naked guy! This one’s for him.” The Foo Fighters then appropriately played the song “My Hero” from their 1997 album “The Colour And The Shape.” You’d surmise that the naked gentleman would be excited to get a shoutout by Dave motherfucking Grohl, but I’ve seen the nude pic and it was nothing to write home about.

This is a sweet return to Glasto for the Foo Fighters since they were forced to cancel their 2015 headline gig at the festival after Dave Grohl broke his leg. “I’m about two years late tonight, I’m sorry. Traffic was a bitch,” Grohl joked. “Let me tell you something, for all of you who were here in 2015… I’m sorry I missed you. But I watched that show on my laptop as I was sitting in a wheelchair with a broken leg, and it looked beautiful.”

Speaking of Grohl’s broken leg, the Foo Fighters frontman thanked his surgeon, James, for fixing him up so that he could later continue that tour in 2015. Grohl tongue-and-cheekily dedicated the song “Walk” to his doctor.

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