Dave Grohl Tells The Story Of Getting So High With Paul McCartney That He Forgot How To Play Guitar

Paul McCartney Performs In Concert At Safeco Field

Being as I’m in my early 20’s, I completely missed the 80s. I mean, really, I missed most of the 90s, too. I was only 348 days old when Kurt Cobain shot himself. I was five when Michael Jordan retired for the second time. I didn’t even see Space Jam in theaters since I was like three when it came out. Shit, I was still shacked up in my dad’s ballsack when the Chili Peppers released “Under the Bridge”, and that’s like a top fiver in my book.

So that’s kind of why I’m such a huge Dave Grohl fan. For me, he’s kind of the bridge between present day and the days that everyone always talks about but I’m too young to remember/live through. Like this story of the time he got really high at Paul McCartney‘s house. Oh, and Taylor Swift was also there. Oh yeah, and he also plays an acoustic version of “Best of You”. Enjoy, bros.


[h/t Coed]

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