David Blaine Does His Mind-Blowing Devil Magic And Jimmy Fallon Can’t Keep It Together, The Roots Go Nuts

Bros, this clip is actually from a Fallon episode last Thursday and I apologize for not sharing it with you until now but I didn’t see it until last night. If you haven’t seen David Blaine’s all new Beyond Magic special you can watch that IN FULL below as well, I’ve gone ahead and embedded a video of the entire special.

If you’re a person who hates that Jimmy Fallon occasionally laughs on camera then you should really not watch the clip above because Jimmy’s basically dying the entire time. For most of the clip, I sat there wondering ‘why aren’t The Roots losing it more?’ because it was just Jimmy losing his shit, but then David Blaine broke out the big guns…And by ‘big guns’ I mean he chugged a glass of water and threw up a live frog from his stomach after talking to Questlove and The Roots about how the human stomach can act as a ‘living aquarium’. That’s when members of The Roots finally lost it and I regained my faith in David Blaine’s ability to blow minds.

Now, if you haven’t watched Beyond Magic yet you can see it in full here: