Check Out The Surprise And Hilarious ‘Deadpool 2’ Trailer That Airs Before ‘Logan’

Deadpool is no Superman that’s for damn sure. And we’re very okay with that. Before “Logan” airs in theaters, there is a teaser trailer for “Deadpool 2.”

Deadpool attempts to thwart a crime, but first he must change into his superhero costume. He goes all Superman and gets changed in something called a “phonebooth,” which from what elders tell me is an ancient relic where people made phone calls because cell phones hadn’t been invented yet.

There’s even a cameo from Stan Lee!

You may notice something written on the side of that phone booth that says, “Nathan Summers cumming soon.” Nathan Summers is the civilian name of Cable, who will be in “Deadpool 2.” However, the actor playing Cable has yet to be cast.

Then Ryan Reynold’s character makes fun of Wolverine.

Don’t get too giddy for “Deadpool 2” because we are still a friggin year away as it is scheduled hit theaters on March 2, 2018.

Not soon enough indeed.