Deadpool Exposes Soul & Ass When Poppin’ The Question In The Movie’s First Clip

Did I hear that horribly wrong, or not only is Deadpool’s lady lover friend hotter than a whore house on nickel night, but she’s also super dtf. As luck would have it, Deadpool seems to have been concerned with poppin’ off that big life-altering question, which ultimately was lost in steamy translation.

Like, jinx you owe me a fu*k? Let’s be real, he probably went on to say something along those lines. Anyways, Ryan Reynolds continues to establish himself as something of a real life superhero as he drives what will likely go down as one of the most epic and effective marketing campaigns of all time. From throwing some fire at Hugh Jackman and his band of Aussies for Australia Day, to misleading the more ignorant folk down a road to a strange twisted world where this movie would actually depict a love story–the campaign is straight killing it.