The Long-Awaited Deadpool Movie Is Finally Going To Happen

Thanks to some “leaked” test footage released over the summer comic book fans are finally going to get the Deadpool movie they’ve been waiting for ever since Ryan Reynolds played Wade Wilson way back in 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

The test footage, which appears now to have been some sort of trial balloon, resonated well with enough people apparently because Twentieth Century Fox announced that the “Merc With A Mouth” will be hitting the big screen on February 12, 2016.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ryan Reynolds is still slated to play Deadpool, as was always the plan, and Tim Miller is set to direct although no deals have been officially finalized yet.

Here’s the test footage that appears to have finally got the job done.

And here’s a little taste of Reynolds as Wade Wilson from X-Men Origins: Wolverine.