DMX Performed In NYC Just Four Days After Nearly DYING ‘Cause X Gonna Give It To Ya

A mere FOUR days removed from being found unconscious and not fucking breathing after what police classified as an overdose, DMX showed up at Lively in the Meatpacking District to perform a set. And it wasn’t just a couple of songs to say “yo, I’m OK.” It was an hour-long headlining set, as apparently nothing in the world, not even being close to clinically dead, will hold DMX back from celebrating New York Fashion Week.

X will also be performing a show on Saturday night.

“He bounced right back,” his lawyer, Murray Richman, told the Daily News on Wednesday. “He’s doing fine. He’s going to be performing Saturday in Pennsylvania.”

Of course he is.

A photo posted by @dmx on

Much like the great Rust Cohle, DMX is un-killable.

[H/T NY Daily News]

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