‘Zoolander 2’ Designer Expert Don Atari Is Off His Rocker In Charlie Rose Interview

by 3 years ago

What the fuck is Don Atari on? And I want some.

Charlie Rose: What was the seminal moment that made you want to be a designer.

Don Atari: That year when [A] Bug’s Life and Antz came out, [youth person noise]. And it’s like ‘which movie am I going to see?’ I gotta make a decision. What movie are you gonna see, Charlie Roses?

The ‘Zoolander 2’ hype train’s just picking up steam with a recent Botox-injected teaser starring Kristen Wiig, and an anything but insightful though vaguely interrogative 73 Questions from Vogue with Derek Zoolander–people are getting stoked.

I mean, in general this season’s stage of movie marketing campaigns have been nothing if not an encouraging testament to an industry quick to adapt, evolve, and figure out the most effective way to suck up our time before thinning our wallets.

From the sheer mastery behind ‘Deadpool’ to the dark, depraved, and delicious ‘Suicide Squad’ campaign–shit is poppin’ off. Any cinephile brandishing a Pibb Extra and worth his weight in buttered popcorn is semi-chubs right now.

‘Zoolander 2’ is coming fast down the runway and set to hit theatres February 12th with a talented cast that includes stars like Owen Wilson (so damn hot right now), Penelope Cruz, Will Ferrel, and an unprecedented, legendary 68,000 cameos.

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