All The Easter Eggs, References And Things You Missed In The New ‘Suicide Squad’ Trailer

So the big Suicide Squad trailer finally aired on Tuesday night and goddamn, we were not disappointed. Not only was it as batshit crazy as we’d hoped it gave us at least a brief look at so many of the characters in the HUGE cast. (For another idea of just how large this cast is check out some of these sweet movie posters.)

Of course with SO many people and characters involved in a film (and a trailer) such as this there was definitely more things happening than the average viewer could possibly digest.

Luckily for us, we have Mr. Sunday Movies here to delve a little deeper into the trailer and pluck out some of the nuggets, i.e. Easter eggs, references and other cool things, that we probably didn’t even notice when we watched it.

Watch and be amazed all over again…

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