Drake Has Finally Hit Rock Bottom With This Tweet From Denny’s Throwing Shade



There’s no bigger whipping post in the rap game than Drake. At some point or another, everyone in the world has taken pot shots at Drake, yet he keeps on making millions and the rest of us keep on being average.

As I covered last week with this gallery, ‘Black People Twitter’ has absolutely exploded on Reddit. It’s become the #1 subreddit almost over night. So naturally it’s become a staple of my daily internet browsing. Which brought me to today’s top tweet.

Today’s top tweet comes from an interaction between some random Twitter user and Denny’s…yes, that Denny’s. The Denny’s that you’re familiar with from those late nights when you’re blaze out of your mind, and everywhere with halfway decent food is closed. That Denny’s took the opportunity to shit all over how emotional Drake can be when it comes to his lyrics. Enjoy:

Boom, roasted! Game over.

There’s been no comment from Drake yet as I’m sure he’s too busy drowning somewhere in a pile of punani….


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