Dumb And Dumber Recut As An Oscar-Worthy Drama Is Powerful, Emotional And Better Than Most New Movies

Let’s pretend you’ve been in a coma for 25 years — or you’re under the age of 10 — and have no clue the original Dumb And Dumber actually exists. If I should you this trailer under those conditions I bet you’d think this movie is legit. The trailer is that convincing.

Of course, you’d have a ton of questions, like why do Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels look mental and dress like idiots and who’s the redhead? (Remember you were in a coma) Other than that, you’d probably call this recut version of Dumb And Dumber an Oscar contender. Yeah, you’ve still got brain trauma. It’s good. It ain’t that good.

[via Mashable]

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