This Map Shows Each State’s Favorite Show To Binge-Watch And WTF Is Wrong With Georgia?

Binge-watching television has become a national pastime. With the advent of streaming programs like Hulu and Netflix, plopping your ass down on the couch and staying there for 5+ hours while you stare mindlessly at the T.V. is almost second nature to us now, just like how we’ve somehow grown accustomed to the idea that Donald Trump is going to be our new dictatorial overlord despite being a country founded on democracy.

But which television show is your state’s favorite to watch? In an infographic created by, it appears that most states either prefer to watch dramas or comedies, but not sci-fi:

And what’s with Georgia watching The Bernie Mac Show? That show’s been off the air since 2006 and only lasted five seasons. Come on now – y’all can do better than that I’d hope. At least Cheers is a classic with Nebraska, although Connecticut binge-watching Glee is probably the most embarrassing entry in here.

[H/T Daily Mail]