Tons Of Easter Eggs, Cameos And References You May Have Missed In ‘Captain America: Civil War’

So did you go see Captain America: Civil War? Based on the box office numbers it appears that there is a pretty good chance that you did.

I did and after seeing it I thought that it could have just as easily been called Iron Man: Civil War or even Avengers: Civil War, but I guess it was Cap’s turn to get his name in the title so that’s what they went with this time.

Also, what was up with Vision being dressed like he was wearing the weekend casual clothing of a dad from the 1950s? You’d think hanging around Tony Stark so much he would have a little better fashion sense.

Anyway, let’s get back on track here.

Our man from Australia Mr. Sunday Movies is here once again to get us caught up on all the Easter eggs and other goodies that we always miss when a blockbuster hits the big screen. This time there aren’t over 100 of them like he found in Deadpool, but there are still quite a few as you can imagine with a film such as this.

Especially cool are the hidden references about Spider-Man as well as some Easter eggs relating to some of the Russo Brothers TV work including the Dean from Community and the Stair Car from Arrested Development.

There’s even one for the few diehard Agent Carter fans out there.

Oh yeah, spoilers, obviously.