Ebola, Dead Joan Rivers And White People Headline Best 3 Skits From SNL Hosted By Sarah Silverman

Sarah Silverman returned after 20 years to host Saturday Night Live after she was fired from the show’s cast. She spent her monologue praising her work, sitting on the lap of a girl in the crowd and fielding questions from multiple versions of her 1993/’94 self. It all came off as a funny, exaggerated jilted lover who was there to say, “I’m glad you dumped me, I’m doing sooooo much better without you.”

The Fault in Our Stars is a romantic com-dram based on the novel by John Green of a sixteen-year-old cancer patient who attends a support group, where she falls in love with a boy also suffering from cancer. In the parody trailer for The Fault in Our Stars 2: The Ebola in Everything Sarah plays a girl who has the deadly Ebola virus who falls in love with a boy who doesn’t have the illness and she talks of hopping “on a plane or a crowded bus” together. Due to the contagious aspect of Ebola and the media hype, the romance quickly fizzles.

Saturday Night Live paid tribute to the late, great Joan Rivers by having Silverman play the iconic comedian. In this bit Rivers is admitted into heaven and does a roast on other dead celebrities such as Richard Pryor played by Jay Pharoah, Freddie Mercury portrayed by Adam Levine, and Bobby Moynihan was an overeager Ben Franklin. The idea of the skit is hilarious, but with thousands of dead celebrities I had higher hopes for this one.

There is a study by UCLA psychologists that separated 98 Caucasian Americans into two groups; one group was told that white Americans will no longer be the majority in the U.S. by 2050 (Which in fact will likely occur in 2043), and the second group was informed that whites would retain their majority status in the U.S. through at least 2050. Then all of the participants were asked a multitude of questions about their views on diversity.

The study divulged these findings:

“Whites feel lukewarm about diversity when they are told that they are about to lose their majority status in the United States for the first time. We see a significant reduction in the endorsement of diversity when white Americans are exposed to current projections of future demographics. Most Americans view diversity in positive terms, but many white Americans who see the actual demographic projections, and the loss of their majority status, end up being less enthusiastic about it.”

SNL makes light of these views and looks at the “bright” spots and how to “enjoy” the last few decades of white dominance by going camping and hiking all to the melodic and very white tune of Train’s “Hey, Soul Sister.”