Eleven From ‘Stranger Things’ Can Rap Nicki Minaj’s Song ‘Monster’ Better Than She Can

Now typically I don’t like to draw attention to these musically-driven Tonight Show bits because they are, as Bo Burnham puts it, the “end of culture.” Those lip sync battles can get stage 4 cancer, courageously beat it, and then immediately die in a fire. Maybe then I’ll finally laugh at one. A guy celebrity lip-syncing a song sung by a girl?! HOW SILLY AND EMBARRASSING. Leave me alone. Forever.

But after 28 years of living on this planet, I’ve learned to give credit where credit’s due. And Millie Bobby Brown, more commonly known as Eleven from Stranger Things, absolutely murdered her rendition of Nicki Minaj’s Monster on the Tonight Show last night. She’s only 12-years-old and has the on-camera presence of a seasoned vet. Tip of the cap, young lady.

I was more impressed when I found out she was British, with a heavy British accent. I don’t know how them Brits seamlessly nail the American accent, but it’s just more evidence that everyone wants to be us.

Fallon and the Stranger Things cast also played this silly game where something embarrassing was written on a they had to spray silly string at the person they thought was responsible for it. You know what would have made it better? If the staff replaced one of those silly string bottles with pepper spray. THEN we’d be cooking with fire. THAT’S comedy.

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