BROS: A First Look At The ‘Entourage’ Movie IS NOW ONLINE. But There’s A Catch…

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been waiting for a glimpse at the Entourage movie for a very long time, arguably since when Sloan announced she was preggers with E’s kid and Johnny Drama gave us one last, fists-raised “Victory!” on HBO primetime. Tonight we FINALLY have a very tiny, minuscule glimpse at the film, but it isn’t in the form of a trailer or an Instagram share. It’s in the form of a swipe slideshow on an app called Spin My Planet which “brings life and movement to your photos.” I’ve never heard about Spin My Planet until Jeremy Piven tweeted about it earlier tonight, but apparently Ari Gold himself has has ties to it since he’s been hawking it for a while.

//, all this means is that the movie trailer is coming very, very soon. My guess is either Christmas or during an upcoming NFL playoff game. According to Doug Ellin on Instagram, it is dropping tomorrow at 11am PST (2pm Eastern). Regardless, you’ll be able to find it right here on BroBible dot com. In the meantime, while we wait for said trailer, if you have Jeremy Piven’s app, the Entourage movie first-look preview is available here (you can click through on a desktop). The Entourage movie means your life can finally start having meaning again, Bros. A few takeaways from the first-look. Cue Jane’s Addiction’s “Superhero” and GET STOKED, Bros. First of all, HELLO Nina Agdal. We’ve known she was going to be in the movie for about a year now, it’s just nice to finally see it.

CLICK HERE TO WATCH the Entourage movie trailer.


Second… TURTLE IS AN MMA FIGHTER NOW?!?!?! AND HE’S SKINNY AS SHIT!!! I still can’t believe there isn’t a story arc where Turtle becomes a legal weed kingpin/entrepreneur in Colorado with Snoop Dogg or something ridiculous like that. Please tell me there’s still time to incorporate such a thing, Doug Ellin.

And, finally, BROS… The gang! Together again! One-liners! Bros being Bros! These pics alone get me excited for the Entourage movie release date of June 12, 2015. Also… What the hell is Vinny Chase’s movie going to be all about? James Cameron, this you again Bro?


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