Entourage Movie Trailer Is Here And It’s Better Than Johnny Drama Yelling ‘VICTORY!’

The wait is over, the Entourage movie trailer is FINALLY here. As avid fans of the shows, we’ve been waiting for the Entourage movie trailer since Vinny Chase and the gang concluded their HBO series in September 2011. The Entourage movie trailer is easily the best Christmas gift any Bro could ask for. Thank you, Doug Ellin, for making BroBible’s Christmas come one day early this year. VICTORY!

Just to catch you up: Last night Jeremy Piven released a first-look at the trailer (skinny MMA-fighter Turtle! Nina Adgal looking hot!) and Doug Ellin announced on Instagram that the Entourage movie trailer would be released today at 11 AM PST. Now, over three years later, we finally have a first look at the big screen adaptation of the greatest show about Bros in the history of Bros. It’s great to have you back in our lives, Entourage.

Watch the Entourage movie trailer below. Seeing Vinny, Johnny Drama, Turtle, E, Ari Gold, and Sloan — glorious Sloan — back together again will bring a smile to every Bro’s face, filling the “something missing” feeling that’s been gnawing at the essence of your Bro being since late 2011. Suddenly, all feels right in the world this Christmas.

Will it be better than the last couple of seasons? Emily Ratajkowski looks amazing and the Ronda Rousey/Turtle dynamic is going to be hilarious. Vince is, per usual, on the verge of screwing up a very big, expensive movie. Also, what’s up with Vinny being a DJ? Is that how Vinny moonlights in 2014? What happened to the Vanity Fair journalist that was the post-Sasha Grey love of his life?

Let’s hope it lives up to the hype. The Entourage movie release date is June 12, 2015, so we’ll find out then. Circle it in your calendars, Bros.

Entourage Movie Trailer 2014

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