ESPN Really, Really Wanted Seth Meyers for a Late-Night Sports Talk Show. Who Will They Now Go For?

The Big Lead's Jason McIntyre had the chance to talk to Skipper about the whole thing, and it's pretty interesting:  

I had the opportunity to ask Skipper about it at ESPN’s Upfront presentation this morning in New York, and the question caught him off guard. First, silence, then he confirmed what my sources said.

“We um … look … we uh … we had some preliminary conversations with Seth Meyers’ representation because they were thinking about what he was going to do after this year. Clearly, the opportunity to work with Lorne, who he has known forever, and the opportunity to follow into Jimmy Fallon’s late night spot, there was never going to be any serious consideration [for us],” Skipper said.

“We were interested, but clearly, he had a better opportunity.”

Skipper went on to confirm one of the hottest non-Keith Olbermann rumors in Bristol: “We are interested in the late night spot. We’ve got all these lead-in games and … leading into what? But there is nothing imminent.” The other name floating around ESPN has been Craig Kilborn (formerly of Sportscenter), but Skipper told me they’ve had no talks with Kilborn.  


It'll be very interesting to see where this goes. Seems like they'll go for a slightly older, more “established” personality, but here are some options they SHOULD consider:

1. Dual hosts Stephen Rannazzisi and Kate Aselton (Kevin and Jenny from The League)

2. Anthony Jeselnik. Would be a terrific adventure every night, and a wonderful PC nightmare for network execs every morning.   

3. Glenn Howerton (Dennis from It's Always Sunny)

Your move, ESPN 

[H/T: The Big Lead]

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