Here Is Every Single Cameo Stan Lee Has Ever Made In A Marvel Movie


Marvel Studios / Fairview Entertainment / Paramount

If you’re a fan of the Marvel movies in even the most casual sense you’ve probably noticed Stan Lee, the creator of numerous Marvel superheroes including Iron Man, Spider-Man and Daredevil, making brief cameos in the movie adaptations of his iconic comic books. Typically his appearance is fleeting and innocuous – one time he was a hot dog salesman, like in the case of the first X-Men movie, and in the case of Guardians of the Galaxy he was on-screen for no more than 5 seconds talking to a young woman in the crowd. It’s always fun to try and find Stan Lee…but can you recall every single one of his appearances right off the top of your head?

Probably not. Hence, the following bingo card created by Morphsuits:



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