EVERY Metal-Crunching Car Crash From ‘Fast And Furious’ Franchise Is One Wild Ride

The Fast and the Furious debuted in 2001, and ever since then the fierce franchise has pushed the pedal to the metal and captivated audiences with seven heart-racing movies. One of the more jaw-dropping aspects of the films is the metal-bending car crashes. Every one of these hold-on-to-your-seat crashes have been captured in this spectacular supercut.

Alex Moschina painstakingly assembled this outrageous task for Supercompressor. The nearly four-minute compilation features 110 car crash from the first six installments of the franchise. Unfortunately this compilation does not include Furious 7, which is still in theaters destroying the competition. The film has made $307 million in the U.S., and grossed $1.2 billion worldwide.

With Furious 8 coming in 2017, it looks like they will need to do a new supercut with the Furious movies.

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