The Extended Trailer For The New ‘Daredevil’ Series On Netflix Shows Marvel’s Most Intense Endeavor Yet

To be completely honest, the only things I know about the Daredevil franchise is what I saw in the original film with Ben Affleck, and that movie blows fat turds all over anyone who’s unlucky enough to get stuck watching it. But this…

…this looks badass.

It’s dark, it’s gritty, and I don’t see a single instance of Colin Farrell trying to make going through airport security hardcore. To be fair, it takes a sort of natural talent to redefine one of the best characters in the Marvel canon as one of the worst characters in the Marvel canon, so I’ll give him that:

Of course this could still be a giant flop of epic proportions, but we won’t know until all the episodes are released on Netflix on April 10th. I, for one, have high hopes since Netflix has never screwed me before…but there’s always a chance of screwing in the forecast when it comes to comic book adaptations, no matter how slight (see Spiderman 3, The Punisher and Fantastic Four).

[H/T io9]