Farrah Abraham Picked A Stupid Fight On Twitter And The Insult Thrown Back At Her Was Priceless

Sometimes we here at BroBible like to make fun of Farrah Abraham, but today is going to be different. Today I’m going to be nice to her. Why? Because the pickins are too easy. Making fun of Farrah is like making fun of a Khloe Kardashian for being a she-hulk; yeah it’s easy, but you feel bad doing it because Khloe’s the “cool” one out of all the Kardashians.

Granted, Farrah isn’t the “cool” one out of anything…so…wait. Why did I say I was going to be nice to her today? I didn’t give a reason? Oh. Well in that case fuck that noise and let’s move on to shitting on Farrah.

For those of you blissfully unaware that Teen Mom 2 has returned to television, I’m sorry to inform you that Teen Mom has returned to television, and with it comes Farrah Abraham doing…stuff. I don’t really know because I haven’t watched the new season because I have standards, albeit low ones. But because Farrah takes ahold of every chance to remain semi “relevant,” after this week’s episode she took a pot shot at one of the Teen Mom dads, Gary Shirley. For your entertainment, this is Gary:


Here’s the rip Farrah took on Gary for seemingly no reason other than “Hurr durr I’m Farrah.”


And the response, while trashy (who the fuck uses the phrase “money maker” outside of a late 90’s rap video?), I have to give him credit. It’s short, to the point and accurate:


Gary may be a complete schmuck, but at least…actually, there’s no “at least.” Fighting over the Internet isn’t impressive, so at this point in time their scoreboard is thusly:

Gary: 0
Farrah: 0

Winners all around.

[Header image via Instagram]