The 8th ‘Fast & Furious’ Film Finally Has An Official Name, And It’s First Badass Teaser Trailer

by 2 years ago
Fast & Furious 8 Trailer


Earlier today the official Fast & Furious Twitter account dropped some major news on the world, tweeting out the first teaser of the upcoming 8th movie in the film franchise.

They also announcing the official name of the 8th Fast & Furious film, which I would’ve thought was going to be just ‘Furious 8‘ but I was sorely mistaken. Instead, the title of this film is going to be The Fate of the Furious, which they tweeted in all CAPS, presumably because they expect me to get excited about a movie title (spoiler alert: I don’t give a fuck about movie titles as long as the movie’s good).

As you can see from the tweet’s caption, the first full trailer for The Fate of the Furious is set to drop this Sunday evening on Facebook. So if you’re not already a fan of Fast & Furious on the Book you might want to go ‘like’ their page. Or you can check back here Sunday night where we’ll be posting the The Fate of the Furious trailer the moment it goes live.

‘F8’ = Fate, get it, hardy har har. So clever you’d think Vin Diesel wrote that himself.

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