One Of The World’s Best ‘Call Of Duty’ Players Is Dating HOT Mexican Weathergirl Yanet Garcia

by 4 years ago

We’ve blogged quite a bit about Yanet Garcia, the hot Mexican weathergirl that the Internet is completely obsessed with. Today we learned something that makes us love her even more: She’s allegedly “dating” professional Call of Duty player Doug Censor Martin (a.k.a Faze Censor). He made a long vlog about hanging out with her on his YouTube channel. She doesn’t appear to speak any English, but whatever. And based off his Instagram account, it looks like these two really are kinda close. Here are two more vlogs with Yanet, including his goodbye:

I bro’d out pretty hard with Faze at the Call of Duty Championships back in March. He’s a huge Bro, but super down-to-earth. I’m happy that one of the hottest chicks on the Internet is dating a Bro and not some dumb celebrity dingbat.

Think he sealed the deal yet?

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