Sexy Mexican Weatherwoman Yanet Garcia Is Blowing Up The Internet

As we already know, television is way better everywhere else and nowhere is that more evident than during Mexican television weather forecasts.

I say that because one woman in particular, Yanet Garcia, the weatherwoman for Televisa Monterrey, has been the talk of the Internet the past few days and by talk of the Internet I mean not just here, but all over the world.

I wonder why that could be?



Oh, now I see why.

Of course Yanet Garcia has an Instagram account…

And her own YouTube channel…

But after doing further “research” I discovered that Yanet Garcia isn’t the only ridiculously hot weatherwoman on Mexican television. (Of course not.) I also found another woman named Susana Almeida who also makes every day sunny even when it’s raining down in Mexico.

I don’t have a clue what either of these women were saying, but I would watch their weather forecasts over ours every day of the week.

H/T Uproxx