This FBI Cold Case Investigator Thinks He Knows Who ACTUALLY Killed Teresa Halbach, And It’s Not Steven Avery

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One of the more frustrating aspects of watching Making a Murderer was that there wasn’t really an ending. Sure Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey are in jail, but the series’ creators are still in contact with both of them and taking note of what’s been going on in the public eye since the documentary hit Netflix back in December. Steven’s even got a new lawyer who’s been talking shit on Twitter and then went ahead and released a letter prosecutor Ken Kratz wrote to Steven while he was in jail – a letter, which by the way, is uber-douchey. Like you’re gonna read that shit and be like “Wow, I hope this guy dies of Ebola. Now.”

Luckily for Steven Avery however, is the fact that many people agreed with Making a Murderer – that he’s either innocent or at the very least deserving of a brand new trial. Shit, I mean when a scientist comes forward and explains why the blood evidence used in court was complete and utter garbage, you KNOW this dude got gypped real bad.

However, now someone with real investigation experience has come forward to say that he believes he knows who killed Teresa Halbach, and that person is former police sergeant and FBI cold case task worker John Cameron. In the past Cameron’s been featured on America’s Most Wanted as well as Dateline NBC, so he’s not just some schmuck coming out of the woodwork with a tinfoil hat and a house out in the boonies. Nope, this guy is legit – and he believes Teresa Halbach was killed by none other than Edward Wayne Edwards, an infamous serial killer who was once on the FBI’s ten most wanted list. Edwards reportedly set multiple people up for his crimes and was “obsessed” with following the news coverage his murders would get. According to The Independent:

“What it turns out Edwards would do is he would create horrific murders that were in the press constantly that created terror, and he would set people up,” he told Coast to Coast AM in May 2014.

“It was always about the setup. Starting a very young age, when he was 12-years-old, he was able to set up a guy for a murder he had done. And the rest of his life he would get off on not only killing people but then setting up someone close to the victim and then watching the system execute them.

“Just before Edwards came to Great Falls, Montana, in 1956, he set up a guy in Berkeley, California, exactly like he set up Steve Avery.”

Edwards managed to only be convicted of five crimes in his lifetime, however in 2010 he was officially charged with two murders that date back to 1977. Not that it even mattered at that point – Edwards died in April of 2011, only one year after being convicted for his fifth murder that took place back in 1996.

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