You Can Watch The First 6 Minutes Of ‘Ant-Man’ Before IMAX Screenings Of This Movie Starting On Saturday

by 5 years ago


While Marvel films obviously rake in cash like no other, I have my doubts about Ant-Man. Paul Rudd isn’t exactly a box office sweetheart unless he’s paired with actors like Seth Rogen in ensemble comedies, plus this is an action movie — Paul Rudd isn’t an action star. Then again neither was Chris Pratt, so I’ll reserve any final judgment until I either see Ant-Man or the reviews come out and condemn the film to hell.

But can you make a judgment on a movie after only seeing the first six minutes of it? Because if the answer is “Yes,” then you’ll be able to tell whether Ant-Man is worth seeing at IMAX 3D screenings of Jurassic World this weekend.


Whether or not the opening to Ant-Man justifies the $20 ticket that seeing Jurassic World in IMAX 3D is another matter entirely (answer: it doesn’t).

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