‘Flock Of Dudes’ Might Be The Ultimate Movie About Being In Your 30s And Still Partying Like A 20-Year-Old

Comedian Chris D’Elia’s hard-R comedy, Flock Of Dudes, hits theaters and iTunes this weekend, with a release on VOD platforms next weekend. It’s kind of amazing how much this ensemble comedy has flown under the radar of the Hollywood hype machine: You have a smorgsborg of established comedy talent: In addition to Chris D’Elia, you have Eric André, Marc Maron, Kumail Nanjiani, Hannibal Buress, Jamie Chung, Melissa Rauch, and Bryan Greenberg. Oh wait, is that who I think it is? Is that… Hillary Duff?

Peep the red-band trailer above. I see it like this — Flock Of Dudes is something all of us gracefully-aging old Bros can relate to: D’Elia plays a thirty-something guy who loves to party like a 20-year-old. In a moment of self-realization about adulting, he decides he’s wasting away in life and serves ties with his Bros.

Any movie that puts Jonah from Veep in it deserves a damn Oscar in my book. And the bouquet of dildos is a nice gag — have to try sending one of those to a buddy’s birthday party sometime.


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