Watch the Full Trailer for ‘The Wolverine’

The flick looks like it has a few things going for it. For one, it's totally swiping that “The [Superhero]” word construction from the Dark Knight trilogy. Remember that? Whenever Commissioner Gordon would talk about Batman, it was never, “We need Batman;” always “We need The Batman.” There was a reason for this—it was apparently an homage to the comics—and you've gotta love the makers of The Wolverine going, “We need to reboot this and make things so gritty the audience is going to leave with the taste of sand in their teeth. How'd Batman do it?

“Just added 'The' in front of the main characters name?

“All right, let's go with that.” 

Another plus is that the bulk of the action takes place in Japan—which has to be a welcome change of pace for anyone else tired of seeing every superhero movie end up in New York or a generic city that's inevitably Vancouver.

The plot will follow Wolverine as he seeks a normal life through the funds of a wealthy Japanese soldier he saved in World War II. Release date: July 26.

[H/T: MTV]