Here’s The First Teaser For ‘Fuller House’, The ‘Full House’ Sequel. Watch This If You Had A Childhood

For months (years?) Netflix has been working on ‘Fuller House‘, the sequel to ‘Full House’ that will bring back the entire original cast of everyone’s favorite TV show from childhood. It’s going to be 13 episodes of D.J. Tanner, Stephanie Tanner, Kimmy Gibbler, sexy Aunt Becky, Uncle Jesse Katsopolis, and of course Danny Tanner. All of the original characters will be played by the original actors, and this series is going to be STRAIGHT FIRE. Netflix just dropped the very first teaser and though we don’t see our favorite TV family this will punch you right in the feels:

We are all that adorable golden retriever puppy jumping at that door for our The Tanners, our lives not complete without them. I know the Tanners will get around to training that pup eventually, because it’s dogshit manners to have that puppy jumping against the wooden door. But that’s not what’s important here, what’s important is The Tanners are coming back to TV via Netflix and ‘Fuller House’ will premiere on February 26, 2016. So set a reminder, mark your calendar, do whatever the heck it is you need to do in order to remind yourself that THE TANNERS ARE BACK.