Here’s A Behind The Scenes Look At Coldplay’s Attempt To Make A ‘Game Of Thrones’ Musical, Narrated By Liam Neeson

We teased this the other day, and after making its debut during last night’s Red Nose Day special (which, let’s be honest, you didn’t watch), the video is online.

It’s fucking great. The joke is that Coldplay really loves Game of Thrones, and wanted to turn it into a Broadway musical. The video is documentary style, a behind the scenes film as Chris Martin and Co. try to get the cast on board and make it actually happen.

It’s narrated by Liam Neeson and damn if it isn’t fantastic. Also damn if Ygritte isn’t hot in real life.

Sure, it’s 12 minutes long, but like fuck you are doing anything with the rest of your damn day. I’m gonna watch the whole thing right now again. Fuck work.