‘Game Of Thrones’ Fan Predicted The Meaning Of Hodor’s Name Way Back In 2008


Spoilers ahead, but you already knew that.

Game of Thrones fans were shocked by the repercussions of Bran Stark sneaking in some greensight and warging while the Three-Eyed Raven was asleep. Turns out to be a rather calamitous and lethal oopsy.

He visits a horde of White Walkers who don’t see him like normal until the Night’s King detects him and then all of the frozen zombies can see him. The Night’s King sears Bran’s arm with real-life ice mark that serves as some kind of Westeros GPS. This in turn gives the White Walkers the location of Bran and they storm the Weirwood tree.

A fire outside the hideout doesn’t stop the White Walkers (This may put a damper on any hope of Khaleesi’s dragons defeating the wights) and they rampage the Weirwood tree.

The Three-Eyed Raven is killed (Where was all your mystical powers to warn you of that one?).

Some Children of the Forest including Leaf, who we learned created the White Walkers (Way to think that one through), were killed despite their magical grenades.

Bran’s Direwolf, Summer, is killed.

Hodor is killed.

Dude, Bran, what the fuck?

Even Isaac Wright, the actor that plays Bran, was disappointed.

But Bran is still alive thanks to Hodor AKA Mr. Hold The Door. The lovable, dimwitted oaf held the door closed as he was mauled by White Walkers on the other side. “Hold the door, hold the door,” Hodor screamed.

A flashback in Winterfell shows a young Hodor, then Wyllis, having a PTSD seizure and screaming “Hold the door!”

Ho(ld the)door.

Some savvy Game of Thrones fan predicted the meaning of Hodor’s name way back in 2008!

A thread in the A Song Of Ice And Fire (ASOIAF) wiki from February 2008 asked, “What does Hodor mean?”

A user called Myrddin nailed it.

Great. Now people will be triggered whenever they walk through a door.

Now if someone could predict what will be the fate of Ser Pounce.


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