Here’s The Only Recap You Need Of The Last Five ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season Finales

The world awaits the season six finale for Game Of Thrones tonight, and we figured, hey, why not make a decent refresher of the previous five seasons and figure out how the hell the the chessboard got to look like it does at present.

With so much at stake in the realm, it’s important to remember how exactly Westeros got to this point, especially when trying to predict what could happen next.

Will Cersei go apeshit on everyone? What happens now that Ramsey’s terrible self is finally dead? Is Khaleesi going to get her way and assemble the most badass, dragon army the kingdom has ever seen? What does Arya do now that she turned her back on the Faceless Man? Does Sansa rise to power? And where the hell is Bran and Mira, and are the White Walkers still hot on their tail, despite Hodor’s heroics.

Alas, we can only hope these questions will be answered tonight (they probably won’t because, you know, George R.R. Martin), but it goes without saying there’s going to be some dramatics.

See you all freaking out on Twitter at 10:01 EST, bros.