‘George Carlin Way’ Is Now A Street In America But This ‘7 Dirty Words’- Inspired Sign Would Have Been Way More Awesome

The city of New York honored a comedy icon yesterday by naming the street that George Carlin grew up on after the late comedian.

The 400 block of West 121st street in Morningside Heights is now officially named George Carlin way. The comic often mentioned his hood and upbringing in his act and grew up in the 500 block.

In 2011, comedian Kevin Bartini got over 10,000 signatures to have the street name changed to commemorate Carlin’s legendary career as a stand-up and actor.

Our friends over at Animal NY wondered if Carlin would have wanted the street named something slightly different. Perhaps an homage to Carlin’s most famous bit – the seven dirty words.

Imagine the GPS voice lady telling you to make a quick right turn on Shit Piss Fuck C…well, you get the idea.

H/T Animal NY

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