Conan O’Brien Reveals Why George R.R. Martin’s Taking So Long On His Next Book, And You Won’t Believe It

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At long last Conan’s pulled back the curtain to expose the reason(s) George R.R. Martin will not be finished with his next book, ‘The Winds of Winter,’ before season six of the ‘Game of Thrones’ television series airs in April. And honestly, watching this humorous albeit vaguely critical segment on Martin’s notably strong procrastinatory impulses, like I get it; it’s damn tough to finish reading one of those books. Imagine trying to finish another one—the sixth one. Holy hell, I can’t even. What if Martin is coping with a seriously crippling case of ‘I didn’t sign up for this shit’?

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Maybe that little gem in the video when he goes savage on the piñata is a mere chance to let loose some pent-up dragon steam. Can you fathom what it’d be like to manage the voices of some of the fantasy genre’s most iconically demented evil characters’ and their crafty dialogue all the time?

You’ve gotta’ appreciate Martin’s willingness to play along with what we should all assume was not a state-of-the-art surveillance hack on the part of Conan and his team. That’d have been tight though. Also, btw, Martin has a crib. Damn.

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