Ghostface Killah Fires Back At Martin Shkreli, Pharma Douche Responds On Twitter

The bizarre feud between biggest douche nozzle on the planet, Martin Shkreli, and rapper Ghostface Killah from the Wu-Tang Clan added another intriguing chapter on Tuesday. This hostilities all center around the $2 million that the big pharma prick plunked down to purchase the one and only copy of the rap group’s album, “Once Upon a Time in Shaolin.”

Two weeks ago, Shkreli made a video where threatened to erase the Shaolin album and Ghostface Killah “from the record books of rap .”

Ghostface has finally responded with his own video and compares Shkreli to Peter Pan, Pee-wee Herman and Batman villains. In the 11-minute-plus video, Tony Starks utilizes CNBC graphics, the congressional investigation and a Hillary Clinton speech to spotlight and condemn Shkreli’s ruthless price-gouging tactics.

“This fake Peter Pan cat,” Ghostface says. “Yo, man, you hilarious man. You must be on Ritalin or something. You a fake-ass super-villain.”

Ghostface continues:

“People can’t pay that much man. You a real killer man, you’re a real killer. But you’re a soft killer. Youse a clown.

You ain’t been through nothing … you never been in the crib with welfare cheese and fried bologna and all that stuff like that for dinner at night.”

Ghostface even brings his sister and mom into the video to assist in scolding Shkreli. “Look, Martin, if you was my son, I’d whip you ass,” one woman states. “I’d give you an asswhupping, because what you’re doing is so foul.”

“I need to put you over my knee,” another woman adds.

Wu-Tang ain’t nuthin’ ta fuck wit.

The slimy Shkreli responded on Twitter.

Then went after Iron Man and his mom.

Don’t be bringing anyone’s mothers into this.