Definitive Proof That Gob Bluth Was The Best Character On ‘Arrested Development’ — Gob’s Most Offensive Lines

by 3 years ago

I don’t want to bore you bros with the details of just how much time I’ve spend watching Arrested Development so I’ll just say this: for about 5 years straight I fell asleep watching it every single night (7 days a week), using the show as the ‘white noise’ I need in order to pass out.

This isn’t a dong measuring contest, but if it was I’d like to think I at least measure up to the biggest of Arrested Development fans, and therefore I’m qualified to make claims on who the best characters were in the series.

In order, the best (main) characters in Arrested Development are/were:

1) Gob Bluth, or ‘A Magician Named Gob’ if you prefer
2) Lucille Bluth
3) Buster Bluth

I can give you my full ranking of the main Arrested Development characters (and secondary characters) but I know you bros have better things to do today than read my AD rankings.

And frankly it’s impossible to rank the characters from Arrested Development because season over season their roles changed and expanded so much that one of the main characters whose role might’ve been sucking gigantic donkey balls in Season 1 could’ve gone on to be the best character in Season 3 (I don’t really count Season 4, the entire feel/tempo/cadence of the Netflix produced season was way off).

Gob’s role was always that of the asshole, the completely oblivious asshole who got himself into foolish situations because he’s a halfwit, but who couldn’t ever get himself out of those situations because he was too proud to admit when he was wrong or had gotten himself in too deep. In many ways Gob’s character is exactly like me, I hate admitting when I’m wrong (though unlike Gob I will admit defeat when I’m proven wrong, thankfully I’m NEVER wrong), and that’s probably why I think Gob’s the best main character from Arrested Development.

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