Good Morning America Called Kermit The Frog A ‘Tea Lizard’ And Twitter Lost Its Mind

Kermit Saying "Yahhh"


I think half of the reason I barely pay attention to daytime talk shows is because they’re staffed by people with as much pop culture knowledge as my 51 year-old Irish Catholic father. If I wanted to watch a bunch of middle-aged white people desperately try and relate to the younger generation, I’d watch any of the TV shows Matt Leblanc has done since Friends. We know you guys have no idea what you’re talking about, no need to rub our noses in it. So, of course, Good Morning America completely ignored all the warning signs and decided to jump headfirst into the world of memes with their offering of a new one in the form of Lebron James.

#TeaLizard. It’s amazing how three syllables could essentially shatter whatever millennial credibility that GMA has built. That’s not even a meme blunder, that’s a science blunder. Kermit the Frog, dickheads. Frogs are amphibians. Read a book. Actually, you don’t even need to read anything. Just look at a chart of the animal kingdom and you’ll see that frogs and lizards are clearly in different parts of it.

Anyway, since it’s 2016, the internet obviously got real creative in their responses to #TeaLizard-gate.

The internet really is an astounding place. One minute we’re all struggling for something to read while avoiding work and the next thing we know it’s three hours later and we’ve been scanning Twitter for the next big #TeaLizard news to break. This is why you always check your p’s and q’s before going live. Especially when you’re making the “fuck you” money that these people who manages the social media accounts for Good Morning America are probably making.

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