A Guy Is Going To Let An Anaconda Eat Him Alive, And Discovery Channel Will Air It



Paul Rosolie is a self-described Amazon jungle enthusiast, filmmaker and naturalist.

He is also apparently a huge fan of and/or expert in anacondas. From his own website.

His work with anacondas has attracted the attention of major television networks such as NatGeo Wild and Discovery Science.

And if this page on the Discovery Channel’s website is to be believed, Rosolie is going to doff a snake-proof suit and let an anaconda eat him whole. In the network’s own words.

Naturalist and wildlife filmmaker Paul Rosolie enters the belly of an anaconda in a custom-built snake-proof suit.

Okay. Questions.

  • What the fuck?
  • No.
  • Huh?
  • Define snake-proof.

But if his Twitterings are to be believed, Rosolie is actually going to be doing this shit.


Of course, that video is private. And the other links he shared to the ads that supposedly aired this weekend don’t work.

But, our own Kyle Koster said he saw a commercial for it.

Kyle Koster (4:33 PM): they did an ad for it during the wallenda thing

Well, alright then. Also, if Mongabay is a real news source, Rosolie hinted at the thing.

Mongabay:Can you give us some hints of what you’re working on next?

Paul Rosolie: Priority number one right now is protecting Las Piedras, raising funds and support for that is a full time job! But there are some amazing things on the horizon with anaconda work—so big that I cannot divulge anything now. But I will say that we might be making history.

Okay. Yea. History. More questions.

  • This can’t be real, can it?
  • This can’t be real.
  • Won’t the snake die?
  • This is fucked up.
  • What the shit, dude?

Sorry, I don’t have more information. I tried my best to find stuff out there, but there’s nothing on the webs. I did, however, find this.

So, what do you think? Real or hoax? It airs Sunday, December 7th, so we will find out then, I guess.