Someone Made A Harry Potter Quidditch Mini Game For Halo 5 And This Looks More Fun Than FIFA Or Madden

Gamer XxHugabearXx poured his blood, sweat, and tears into building what is probably the coolest mini-game we’ve ever seen, in Halo 5 or anywhere else. I’ve gone ahead and started the video just before the gameplay kicks in (at :55) instead of having you sit through the first 45-seconds of build up.

So what’s with XxHugabearXx‘s Quidditch? It’s a Halo 5 mini-game modeled on the game Quidditch from the Harry Potter universe. The players use Gravity Hammers and Swords from the game, and just like in Harry Potter the goal is to grab a ball and get it through one of the three hoops. Players get three points for throwing a ball through one of the hoops, one point for ‘ground pounding’ the ball through the hoop, and the game is played until one side scores 15 points.

You can see some stills of the gameplay and rings here if you’re not into watching the video right now:


YouTube / HippoPlaysHalo


YouTube / HippoPlaysHalo


YouTube / HippoPlaysHalo

If you’re interested in downloading this for yourself the YouTube channel above (HippoPlaysHalo) cites this information:

Map creator: xXHugabearXx
Map name: Quidditch Arena
Game mode: Quidditch (press y to save game mode instead of bookmarking it)

That YT channel also has a link in the video’s description to their full list of Halo 5 Forge Maps, if that’s something you’re interested in.