Hannibal Buress Shares Creepy Story About What He Found In Bed While Hooking Up With A Fan

Hannibal Buress has reached a high level of fame. He’s not really at the point where he’s instantly recognizable by most Americans but I’ll guess like seven out of every ten people know Hannibal from stand up, TV, commercials or that time he finally got everyone to realize Bill Cosby is a piece of shit.

Buress was interviewed by Vanity Fair (see, he’s made it) and the discuss turned to fans and Snapchat. Buress shared a creepy story with the magazine about hooking up with a woman and what she was doing in bed when he wasn’t paying attention.

How has sex on the road changed now that you’re TV and film famous?

I get paranoid about girls taking pictures of me while I sleep. That happened to some rappers. In San Jose, this girl had the phone in bed, like right with her, but it was in a weird place. And I was like, “What are you doing?” She was like, “Aw nothing.” But she seemed a little suspicious, so I was like, “Give me your phone.” I scrolled through some pics, and there was a pic of her in the bed and I’m in it, but not prominently in it, but it’s still a weird pic. Like, why do you need this picture of you in a hotel bed? And then I scrolled back a couple, and there was a Snapchat that she had posted the night before: “I’m in Hannibal Buress’s hotel room.” I know how to pick ’em. [Laughs] So yeah, sometimes people just do it because they want a story, to be fucking a dude from TV. But there’s definitely some cool, chill, and discreet women I’ve met in my travels. But some are scumbags that will do anything for Instagram likes.

Buress spoke about the experience in length on a recent visit to The Joe Rogan Podcast.

Now, that’s Hannibal Buress. Imagine the stuff people like Ronaldo and Carrot Top have to deal with all the time. Hell yeah I’d Snapchat banging Carrot Top! I mean I should have..

[via Vanity Fair]